A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

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A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby [OSX] Snags Almighty on Wed, 09 Feb 2011 23:44:34 +0000

Firstly, sorry about the delay. Interviewee never added me to msn, so this interview was actually not done till last night, and I've had laptop problems today. At least it's the right day though, right? Hopefully. This attempt started at 23:12 server time :P

Secondly, please send me names you'd like to see interviewed here, I'd appreciate the feedback. Hope you enjoy.

Heeeeeere's SKIPPY!

Snags: You've been around for a few years, but I think I missed your first appearance due to inactivity. When did you join, and what was your first name?
Skip: My first name was Skipstone (lacking creativity) and jeeze it was a good 4 years ago, maybe.

Snags: Did you spend much time in chat in your early days?
Skip: Yep. I was there basically the same amount of time I am now. In my opinion chat is the meat and potatoes of the game.
Snags: well.. I think it is what keeps people there, for sure. Or was. Now it's pretty much lingering addiction...
Skip: Lol, like Amy Whinehouse and crack.

Snags: Which player is your least favourite? Why? (This is just for gossip. Everyone loves drama :D)
Skip: Jensen, he has the whole holier than thou facade, especially with his new name, that and he is pretty annoying. At least he has stopped coming into chat spouting bullshit which is a plus. As a person, I don't know him but I am sure after about 5 minutes with him I would want to pull my hair out(the little I have)... Best way to describe how I feel about him is the feeling you get when you zip a pube in your zipper
Snags: As opposed to pulling his hair out? Makes sense. He DOES know every martial art ever. Such as bullshit-fu.

One Shot Origin Special

Snags: Who was your role model as a young player and why?
Skip: Hmm, I had a few. There was (and still is) Gatekeeper, he taught me much of what I know about the game in GOH. Then LightWizard and Syzao while I was in BS, those two taught me more of the ins and outs and still managed to keep the game fun despite all the drama surrounding BS
Snags: Well BS shares the initials of a popular acronym for a reason I'm sure...

Snags: Who do you miss most from your early days on CW? What did they bring to the game that you think it lacks now?

Skip: Black Sheep, he was the motivation for my stat runs before reset, more than that he was the first player I had a connection on the friend level with.
Snags: I miss him, too. Shame he didn't really come back :(
Skip: Yeah, he is still enjoying the pilot life..the bastard.

Snags: Who do you think are the top 3 players since you joined, even if you didn't really like their personalities?
Skip: Hat, Digital Void and Myckaal. Hat because no matter what he is a strong player, love him or hate him you have to agree on that. Void only because I remember him chasing CJ for ages and almost catching him. Myckaal has a rare trait for any person, he seems to be a born leader, proving that great leaders are born not made.
Snags: I agree on all three being excellent players, to be honest. And if Myck weren't a good leader, I wouldn't have come back to OSX.

Snags: What was your first gang and how did it make you feel towards the game at the time?
Skip: BAD, and I was overwhelmed until they split of all players under rank 250 into GOH. GOH was the first gang that I felt at home in.

Snags: How long were you in GOH?
Skip: Hmm, a little over 6 months I believe, then I went to BS because I was a n00b and got tired of getting farmed by them
Snags: XD Well, if you want somethin', go for it, I guess
Skip: Well the saying goes, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

Snags: Which gang did you most respect before the reset? Why?
Skip: OSX is a given, they had a long track record of success. Then there was DD because a lot of their players actually had the "one gang" mentality. DbD because Bio was a great leader as well as a true mate. And finally, the scourge of CW, DoS. Should not even have to explain that one, lol.
Snags: Yeah, but which one did you respect MOST? :P
Skip: Hmm, tough choice, but I am going with DoS. They had so many hardcore players that not only knew what they were doing, but that also spoke their minds.
Snags: Mostly because they had the power to back it up, I think... though sometimes, certain members would insist on getting butthurt like sissies.

Skip: ~cough~Lightspawn~cough~

The Here And Now

No, seriously, now. Like, right this very instant.

Snags: You're in OSX these days. Why did you return from LAB? Do you think OSX differs from the gangs of yore?
Skip: Well, LAB was my gang and it just fizzled out, I was the only active member and, well, I spend enough time by myself in real life. Plus Bio, Myck and of course the lion Snaggles make great gang members (there are others but meh, they will get over not being mentioned). As to gangs of yore, I do not think OSX has changed much post-reset, the members are loyal and truly want to see the game flourish
Snags: *preens* I actually think we're a little more determined since the reset, it opened the playing field for us to be that little bit more competitive...

Snags: What made you start LAB?
Skip: I wanted to run a gang, I thought I would make a good leader and wanted to try my hand at making a gang that players would remember down the line, failed, but that is life you live and learn, like I did with the whole Amber crap -_-

Snags: What do you think of gangs in general these days?
Skip: Most of them are a joke, sans 3 or 4, they are pitiful, there does not seem to be any attempt to compete. Take WU for example, besides Nat's gibberish in chat every now and then there is no will to be the best. I think we warred them a few times in LAB and despite only being able to hack 6-7 of them we slaughtered them
Snags: There ARE only 6-7 of them now, anyway xD
Skip: Lol. And the only ones in my opinion that count are EPIC, 7s, 1, and OSX. BAD tries but too many members are inactive.

Snags: Out of the current players, which ten would your ideal gang consist of?
Skip: Oooh, that is a toughie. Dave, nobsta and Arya would be on the list, along with Nurple, Luffy, Bio, Myck, you, and hmm probably 'nny(sgt J)
Snags: Why each one?
Skip: Dave, nobby and Arya because despite hiding in BAD they are decent players (Arya when she does play is pretty good, she just hides it well). Nurple and Bio because I loved my time in DbD and those two are really what made that gang fun to me. Luffy because he is a great player he will set goals and try his hardest to hit them. Myck because again he is a great leader, and he also has that "do what it takes" attitude. 'nny because he amuses me, he used to be a great adversary during the RED years, now just for the lul factor. You because you have the muscle of a mob enforcer and are not one to be trifled with

Snags: Ooh, I feel all godfathery and tingly
Skip: Lol, just don't leave a horse head in my sheets again.

Snags: Which 3 players would you most like to meet in real life and for why?
Skip: Well I have met one, but I would love to meet Bio, Gate and Dave. You know my rule when it comes to meeting people offline, so it might take a while. I plan on hopping across the pond sometime this year to have a few drinks with Dave(I'll keep swords hidden ;) )
Snags: yeah, you've already met me. because I'm awesome.
Skip: Awesome-ly short :P
Snags: ,.|..

Snags: What are your plans right now for your future on CW

Skip: Well, I plan on trying to keep the new players around, I think that is one reason I sit in chat a lot, come for the gameplay stay for the community.

The Game

Snags: Do you think CW has a future?
Skip: About CW's future... I know A1 is busy so he does not have much time to code, with the right coder and a little more time invested CW can become the game it formerly was. It also needs some advertisement, but without revenue coming in there is only so much one person can afford.

Snags: Yeah, I think we need a coder... speaking of "A1" though, what do you think of him at the moment, and of your fellow staff/Forum Mods/Chat Mods?
Skip: Not much has changed concerning A1. He is a uni graduate wth not a lot of time on his hands, so I see how he does not have much time for coding. As for the current staffers, honestly we do not do much, there are not many cheaters nowadays, and the spamming of other games has been reduced. We all still have to be on the lookout for Mark(miss him but rules are rules) and the Trinexx factors other than that we are just normal players like the rest of you. We just have the fancy colours and some extra perks like the ability to post links etc..
Snags: Sounds about right to be honest.

Snags: What do you think of the various newses we have at the moment?
Skip: I had been waiting for Hat's history for a while, and Myck keeps on top of the gang changes...CMS...as much as he thinks I dislike him, I really have nothing against him, his lack of english use is annoying and his news could use more substance but honestly there is not much to report on nowadays. Although, when there is, it would be great to have a clear, easy to read, properly formatted piece

Snags: What broken thing do you think could use fixing most right now?
Skip: Hmm, I think the restrictions on DDay stuff could be lifted to give new players a chance after the 7 days, when it was implemented Orsm was hard up for donations I believe, as servers are not free, but now, even though that need for server money is still there, it is hard to make money to get days when you cannot even make EC's. I try to sell days to those that cannot donate, but even then they start to get pricey for the incoming players. Would also like missions to come back as they added a little more to the same old "Hack x players, get bonus energy, train (IQ/Stats)"
Snags: At least you can use servers without DDs now, I suppose
Skip: Yeah, that provides a trickle of income

Snags: What part of the game do you think needs updating?
Skip: Web's first and foremost, the only thing they are really good for is buying servers but it is cheaper to do that with CD's and they need a purpose or to be nixed... and maybe put stat boosts from intent onto a percentage basis, use one through 5 get the 250, 5-15 or 20 cut it down by say 5% etc..
Snags: I think they could increase it, too, to be honest. Maybe just to 50...
Skip: Yeah the 25 is really not worth the time invested in working
Snags: Well it sort of is. At first. Later on? Well... not so much, but it only takes a couple of minutes I guess.

When off the computer..

Snags: RL detail time, how old are you? What is your real name? What do you do for work at the moment? What are your learnin's? Any pets/kids?
Skip: Turning 25 this year :( a bit sad about that
Snags: Old git <3
Skip: My real name is Skip like I said I lack creativity. At the moment I am doing tech support in Atlanta, just moved out of shitty Texas. I have two BA's, one in Info Technology the second in Information Security, I am currently getting my Doctorate in Education so I can beat...I mean teach children. No kids or pets, don't see the children any time in the future, might get another cat and name him/her Mouse or moose
Snags: Or Dog. But you had... never mind then. Horse!. A cat called Horse.... or NOODLES! Noodles is a cute name. I want a kitten called Noodles... How many countries have you lived in by the way, and how many languages do you know? Just to awe those who don't know xD
Skip: Lol, 7 countries, and I know 4 languages. Lived in the US, UK, Australia, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland, and a brief stint in Romania.. I guess technically 3 languages, but I count US english different from UK/Aussie english. And I already had Puppy...NOODLES!!! That is perfect..
Snags: Haha, not surprised, also yay interview over. Actually a pretty short one compared to normal I guess. Thanks for your time, Skipperdoodle :P
Skip: No worries :P It's because you did not ask any thing I was not expecting
Snags: Hahah yeah, I kinda have a set load of questions.

Hope you enjoyed, and sorry again :)
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby TotesSkip on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 00:05:15 +0000

Would love to see an Hat-terview :mrgreen: also yay you did not make me seem too crazy :P
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby [1] Digital Void on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 00:18:40 +0000

besides the missed fact that Skip is crazier than a coconut, good job.

My list for you to interview (if not done already, my memory is shot atm) is the top 10 or 20 actives and not neccesarily in score.
Move along numpty!
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby [OSX]-Luffy- on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 02:25:28 +0000

Awesome read one again
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby Myckaal on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 12:04:54 +0000

Another excellent interview, Snaggles.
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby EPCI Inactive Doomy on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 19:29:59 +0000

I knew it! skip is old
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby Insane |GATE| Dwarf on Thu, 10 Feb 2011 19:44:30 +0000

Skip i always thought you were.....taller 0.o

Good interview once again and hats of to the interviewee
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby [OSX] Snags Almighty on Sat, 12 Feb 2011 13:48:29 +0000

Thanks guys :3 <3
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby Jimmie Rustlez on Sun, 13 Feb 2011 17:46:02 +0000

Needs more me.
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Re: A Skip a day keeps the straight folk away

Postby jinius on Fri, 25 Feb 2011 04:07:14 +0000

No swords?

Aww, Skip, you suck :D

When you eventually get over here, (august is best :D), I think snags should come down and interview us both after we haz had beers!
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