Getting bullied by Step

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Getting bullied by Step

Postby TeddyMiru on Mon, 17 Jun 2024 23:48:03 +0000

I cannot believe the mistreatment I have been receiving from the gang "Step". Not really sure what that name means, maybe like "We step on the enemy".... which is kinda weird because this is a text browser game where the only tuff part is.... clicking... Anyways, apparently since I told them in chat one day that most people on here play it for nostalgia casually, sir grumpy "DrOz" has been hell bent exacting his revenge on my statements of casualness that this game is. Which really stems from an argument he had with another person that I commented on... I apologize that all the hard work "Step" has put in has been summed up by me as "casual clicking", but I'm not actually sorry. If ya'll want to waste your tuff clicks on me being on your "Kill on sight" list, knock yourselves out. Dem clicks be way hard ya know xD.
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