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netguard-exclusive gang

Postby theoneandonlyCire on Tue, 29 Jun 2010 04:59:15 +0000

If so, then you're qualified to join a gang that will be created in the next 2-3 weeks, and is looking for confirmed members. The only two requirements, so far (and likely forever), are to be a net guard, and to get 2000 team kills per week. The name will be, or will be something similar to, The Long Arm of the Law. The goal will be to turn the team wars around and get net guards on that winner's board more often. Since I'm alone at the moment, with no 100% confirmed members, I can only offer a few things. I can offer 5 energy charges on the spot for any net guard who joins the gang AND swaps over to join my business (it only has 1% tax), plus 1 EC per week as long as they stay in the business and gang. Depending on how successful the gang is, and if net guards start winning the weekly wars, 10 ECs per week will also be included. As soon as there are enough interested members, I'll hold credit, energy charge, and website lotteries. Seeing as I'm a very active player, gang wars shouldn't be too much of a problem to do often (yes, I've been in a gang, and yes, I've seen I CAN rack up those gang war points to high numbers on my own). I haven't decided yet, but for gang wars, there will either be equal credit rewards to every player who participates, depending on how much they participate, energy charge/credit rewards to the top 5 (higher in the top 5 would get you energy charges, while #5 would only get credits), or equal credit rewards to everyone, except lump sums added to the top 5. There will be 0% credit tax, and 1% exp tax unless it really really needs to be raised for some reason.

EDIT: Removed the business ad since 1) It was way too generous (50 energy a week is waay more than 5 intent skill a week) 2) I wasn't getting any interested offers anyway. 3) The offer is now only there as a bonus to gang members, and due to an unexpected rate of energy charge creation, it should actually be created within the next 24 hours.
EDIT: Gang is open to all net guards as of now. There shouldn't be any delay in accepting the requests.

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All requirements and definite rewards.
Other rewards include random competitions, which I try to hold often for credits.
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